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What are you looking for? Seriousness, absolute confidentiality, professionalism and respect you deserve? Then he found
DETECTIVES the SECRET is the most comprehensive research in the South of the country, a company legally registered and legalized.
We are located in one of the best spots on the center of Porto Alegre.

Adultery, photos, taxation (with high technology equipment), private companies, testing in general.

24Hrs service provided and payment

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Seriousness and secrecy in all things.


SECRET DETECTIVES The company is a private company incorporated CNPJ (GCC), with the issuance of invoices for work performed for customers, known and respected in the business of research, the company specializes in individual cases. We have a team of highly qualified professionals and provide the latest technology, operating in the area of research since 1995 with the aim of clarifying and resolving the cases that are hidden to perform illegal acts to human behavior, it is proposed to a professional level and different from other professionals in this field, using technology and training used in the international arena.

Throughout the years, the detective was taking a technical and operational comparison with the most industry professionals, whose aim has been in his career, his commitment, pioneering spirit, honesty, quality and total confidentiality. We offer our customers the absolute confidentiality, giving detailed reports, photographs, films and recordings for use in the general or particular.

Due to the need and the new concept of national research centers, including the Secret Detectives added associations of each state offers its customers greater security and reliability, including: legal, technical, Development / Engineering, Operations and Strategy training.

We work with our own fleet of cars and motorcycles, by allowing the exchange of transportation with greater discretion in the conduct of our work, our cars with dark glass for which our identification and recognition is absolutely impossible.

We work with financing, the application fees. Service contract (not mandatory, the discretion of the customer).

Our office is located in one of the best and easiest point to the center of Porto Alegre, has no carpeting in the name of the Company, external cameras, identity cards or other identification that might affect their consultation, so no one known to seek the services of research, even into our office.

By appointment only, thus meet with other clients.


Lead the profession with honesty, sincerity, morality and good conscience in all dealings with customers.
Always preserve client confidentiality in all circumstances.
Conducting research within the dictates of the law of the state or country where it operates.
Cooperate with all government agencies of law enforcement.
Discourage customers from any illegal action or outside of ethics.
The combination of advance with the client, all fees, costs and explain their service in the event the final detailed investigation file.
Maintain a good professional reputation, celando by company name.
Defend what is right.
Do not betray the client under any circumstances.
Ensuring that all auxiliaries comply with this Code of Professional Ethics.


Private Investigations / business / Electronics / Policy / Legal ...

1 Investigation of marital infidelity (adultery) including GLS;
2 The investigation of abuse (children, elderly and animals);
3 Investigation of criminal record;
4 Research for the payment of pensions;
5 Investigation of threats, blackmail, bribery, extortion;
6 Location of persons and goods;
7 Location of witnesses;
8 Location of vandals that affect the public patrimony;
9 Research cleptomaníacos;
10 Location of property;
11 Location of the debtor;
12 Research on the history of life;
13 Criminal investigation;
14 Research on individuals;

15 Investigation of firms and households;
16 robberies and assaults in general;
17 recordings with infrared cameras (recording in total darkness), clear images;
18 Unfair competition and leakage of confidential information;
19 Investigation of employees before hiring, the period within 3 months of experience.
20 Research on pedophilia and homosexuality;
21 Investigation of homophobic and racial discrimination;
22 Research Policy (vote buying);
23 Investigation of espionage against the abuse of competition (competition);
24 Evidence of the care and professional services firms, government agencies ...
25 Infidelity Business
26 Research Empresas.como if they were civil servants (infiltration);
27 Against espionage;
28 Investigations into the telephone lines, compared with staples;
29 Criminal Investigation files;
30 Investigation of food, board and the former spouse;
31 Verification of past employment;
32 Claims for fraud;
33 Tests and against the evidence presented in court and others;
34 kidnapping and shame;
35 Current Situation of the house, above and past life;
36 Loss of customers and other crimes prejudicial to their heritage;
37 Research policy and business;
38 Evidence of litigation in general;
39 Research deviation behavior, vandalism, drugs,
40 Status of electronic surveillance (environmental scanning);
41 Protection of the telephone line with anti-wiretapping;
42 The investigation of paternity;
43 Information on competition;
44 Research on Corruption;
45 Research on the piracy of products;
46 Monitoring of children on suspicion of drugs;
To consult other services, easy payment terms.


WARNING! The equipment of the SECRET DETECTIVESson for legal entry to the laws of the Brazilian Code, before making your purchase to see the laws of your city and state, because we are not responsible for misuse of equipment.
We do the installation of hidden cameras, listening, overclock a ... in any type of object (toy, handbag, briefcase, backpack, etc.) and the environment without causing any harm to her!
We give all the help in the management of our investigative teams.
WARNING! Request to see other teams, because we have an extensive list of domestic and imported high-tech .. Request!


The SECRET DETECTIVES is totally against the professionals who defile our category! When you need investigative services take great care to hire a professional because there are many who are not, is passed by detectives but in reality are scammers, estelionatarios that exploit la.situación to take advantage. There are people who call in detectives to obtain sums of money for services not performed. Place ads in newspapers with phone numbers, meetings marked with a bar at the corner, shopping (usually marked in public places) and a few days after disappearing while rastro.Muchos put ads on site, but are not structure and training to conduct the investigation. Only then is that customers realize that they fell into the confidence trick. The fraudsters simply use in bad faith, and just using all the secrecy required by the client against him. Crapulous are using the name of a professional to take advantage.

In addition to these scammers, there are those of the professionals working in research for the simple fact of paying a lease, collect super low values, the decline in the quality of work, often do not perform the service and then give an excuse unjust convicente so that fools the customer.
ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!! Therefore, beware of who comes very cheap for the service! You prefer to pay a fair price for a quality service, and success? Or pay for a cheap, without success? I am sure they prefer the solution to your problem. Therefore, beware of those who paid very little, whether professionals.
If this happens, report as many details to the police the address of the website, ad, address and any information that might happen. Make sure the professional research has phone in his office, never to pass details of the case by telephone, make a visit and make sure the professional is the same of the investigation detectives agradecen.Somos a horada private, dignified and SECRET DETECTIVE calificada. La is committed to the truth!


Our credibility is on the continued delivery of our services throughout all these years, as the SECRET DETECTIVES working on the research field since 1995, always with success in their activities, and the circle of regular customers and continuous we believe that the best propaganda is that which is done by word of mouth, recommendation and a statement of our customers, who rely on our servicios.Pues always seek satisfaction in the outcome of our services.
Our credibility is on the way we are able to develop a professional activity for which we are dedicated to customer confidence in other countries, even with an almost direct contact in the rent and deposit payments for work in our bank account.

The Secret Detectives have commitment to truth, not hide the truth, and are psychologically prepared to give the final result of the investigation, and if not difficult to accept.

The Secret Detectives have a brand, and knows he has to ensure a name is a respected company in the business of research, because it has developed its activities with dignity, fairness, and that the word responsabilidade.Sabemos worth much more that a signed contract, so we kept with care.

Our foremost obligation is to bring total satisfaction to our contractors, so the exclarecimento to all events, with detailed reports, and securing the evidence, which can be used for judicial purposes.

Therefore, if you're looking for confidence, is in the right place!
If you are looking for seriousness, commitment, honesty, exclarecimento speed, competence, professionalism, accuracy, agility ... then found the SECRET DETECTIVES have commitment to the truth.


There are chemical-dependent and / or drug traffickers operating in the state in which you work? You think someone in your family is a user?
If you think yes, please read this text.

Dependent drug after selling everything he has, steals belongings from the family, and then begins to steal goods in the workplace and, if it is not enough to change the drug provides information of a third entity malicious code, giving your work, home, and even his own family.

They are wrong who think that drugs can cause minor ailments. The consequences of the actions of drugs in the body are harmful, always result in theft, kidnapping and serious accidents such as fires and shipwrecks.

For those who can imagine that there is some exaggeration in these claims, know that only one sector of the armed forces of a country has 2500 drug detection equipment to check their staff and facilities.

Detect the drug, so it is mission critical priority for the industry and intelligence of any entity, public or private.

Detect a person tainted with drugs, however, to date, is a difficult task in view of the imperative and indispensable secret that should guide this type of action of this nature.
It was ..
Since it is not over.
After all, no need to offend any constitutional or try for drug addicts, blood or urine. Investigate drug cases with the utmost discretion and absolute confidentiality. Thus preserving its image.
We respect the privacy of our customers and assure them all, with absolute confidentiality very seriously. SECRET DETECTIVES have the commitment to the truth!

It is more than sufficient enough to give a real tragedies caused by individuals using or trafficking drugs in the workplace, at home or on the street.

Detect drugs and / or a drug dealer in an entity is much more than a mission, rather than an obligation, rather than a right - it is self-defense of life.

Life itself and all who live with this kind of addiction.


The SECRET DETECTIVES must complete confidentiality and preserving the integrity of our clients, we do our work in a totally discreet and impercebível any suspicion, distrust never investigated any suspicious or dangerous.

We see what is not, and we give the guarantee of your question, all captured in super discreet microfilm, and micro imbutídas change vehicles during the investigations, so that the registration of the car are not observed, dark glasses provide the management of our video cameras and hinder our identification.
The service of SECRET DETECTIVES is absolutely bogus because it is seen in operation.

The SECRET DETECTIVES are never identified by phone, never measurements company name, and wonder how we found before, newspapers, websites, guides etc.De never investigated the way that identifies our phones since they may have found the number on your mobile phone or any other type of paper.

Our office is located in one of the best and easiest access points to the center of Porto Alegre, has no carpeting in the name of the Company, external cameras, identity cards or other identification that might affect their consultation by So nobody knows who sought the services of research, even as they enter or leave our office.

We work with service calendar, so you will not find with other clients, as your friend or neighbor may be looking for us, avoiding the limitations futuras.Usted can still contract without direct contact, since contracts with other virtual customers from other countries like Norway and Spain.

We are responding by secret msn ¬
We care about the total and absolute confidentiality on all things, and never break the ethics profissional.Entonces you look for absolute confidentiality and discretion.


Methods of payment.
SECRET DETECTIVES working with the forms of fees (facilitation), if there is a need of the customer.
Usually we charge 50% at the start of service delivery, and 50% in the completion and submission of evidence.
In Porto Alegre, we charge a fee of $ 50.00 per consultation, whether the customer comes to our office. if a contract provision serviciossera our discounted automaticamente.Atendemos by appointment only, so customers do not cross here.
Real rate of 75.00 in the large displacement of Porto Alegre.
Real rate of 100.00 in the interior tour of Rio Grande do Sul.
Real rate (View) visit to another department.
Real rate (View) to visit neighboring countries.
The SECRET DETECTIVES meant that some customers do not like to expose themselves to the research services, and opt for discretion at the time of hiring such services, SECRET DETECTIVES understands and works with a form of practical care and totally discreet even because it provides services to clients from abroad as Spain and Norway, the virtual service.
In the first contact we line em um attendance to understand the incident, gather information and material for the job, the second contact made a call to prove the veracity of the information, and budget, and to terminate the deposit of 50% bank account in Banco Bradesco, Banco do Brasil and HSBC bank of their choice.
The SECRET DETECTIVES facilitates the recruitment and payment, therefore, for us the most important thing is to have you as our client by facilitating the recruitment, service provision and delivery of highly qualified and extremely reliable.
Check-in and clarify any doubts.

WhatsApp (+ 55 51) 99590-2066 / (+ 55 51) 3392-6322

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